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Since 1987

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Temp Masters, Inc.

Temp-Masters, Inc. has been providing top quality professional refrigeration installation services to Indiana and the surrounding states since 1987.  We are licensed and certified to provide the highest quality of work.  We are an approved Wal-Mart refrigeration installer.  Temp-Masters, Inc. has also done extensive work with Kroger, Fresh Thyme, Meijer and  even your local grocery chain.   We also have experience installing for Dollar General, CVS, Speedway Gas Stations, Target, Ruler and many others.

30 years of experience

General Contracting

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Professional Installation

Equipment Installation

EMS Installation

Demolation and New Builds

In-House Pre-Fabrication

Service with a Warranty

Professional Installation

Temp-Masters, Inc. is known for providing clients with professional refrigeration installations and services.  We have all the resources to complete your job within the quoted budget, on your timeline and to the exact specifications that you want.  Our installations service include, but are not limited to, coolers, freezers, walk-ins, custom refrigeration systems, island coolers, Energy management systems, and HVAC.